Substantial increase in logistics transport volumes
The volumes carried by VR Transpoint increased during 2016. Increases in transport volumes and efficiency improvements ensured a good operating profit. The trends in market prices were reflected in net sales which remained at last year's levels.

In rail logistics, there was a increase in transport volumes in Eastern traffic. Increasing proportion of electric traction and train sizes as well as improvements in traffic structures and working methods helped to make operations more efficient. 

Intensive competition and price levels made the year a challenging one for road logistics. There was, however, an increase in the volumes transported by domestic road logistics. In international road logistics, there was an increase in the volumes transported from Russia to Finland.


safety briefings at VR Transpoint locations in different parts of Finland 

A positive trend in occupational and rail safety continued during 2016. Joint risk surveys and training helped VR Transpoint to engage in closer safety cooperation with its customers. Customer satisfaction also remained at a good level and improved compared with the year 2015.

The positive trend in exports in important customer sectors and Eastern traffic, economic upturn and new industrial investments give rise to optimism at VR Transpoint. At the same time, competition between operators, transport modes and routes in Finland and in Eastern traffic is intensifying.

VR Transpoint is investing in continuous improvements in its own operations, customer orientation and new growth opportunities. Closer cooperation with customers and logistics partners benefiting all parties is at the core of operations.


square metres of warehouse space in the new terminal in Riihimäki

Highlights of the year 2016: